At Ward’s Produce Food Safety and Proper Storage is an integral part of our entire operation.  It includes receiving, cooling, packing,  warehousing and shipping and our programs institute a proactive food safety system. The purpose and use of Good Manufacturing Practices is to help insure that environmental conditions and facility practices are sound and reduce the risk of producing unsafe products in the operations associated with temporary storage, preparation and shipping of our product.  Provided are storage tips and temperature guidelines to help keep perishable food safe.  Proper food storage starts as soon as you select it and handled with care.

Food Safety Tips

Temperature Guidelines

Proper handling of all fruits and vegetables from the moment a shipment arrives is key to ensuring high quality products for our customers and yours.  Rough or excessive handling can cause damage to almost any fruit or vegetable.  When moving shipping containers, do not drop them on the floor.  Try to keep all handling to a minimum.  A minor bruise can promote product decay and result in significant quality loss.  For detailed handling information on any specific product please contact our office and we will be more than glad to provide you with some material.